Early Signs of Diabetes and Diabetic Symptoms

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Diabetes is rightly termed as a chronic health ailment, especially if not treated properly. The early signs of diabetes are generally very mild and are easily ignored by the sufferer. It is common for the diabetics to ignore these early signs of diabetes. These warning signs of diabetes are not noticed as it is hard to differentiate them from other illnesses.

The early signs of diabetes are very minute and remain unrecognized. If any person have doubts that underlying cause of these signs of diabetes is “diabetes” then it is good to go for a diabetes screening test.

It is good to detect the disease at the earliest stages. The early detected diabetes can be easily ignored with the help of exercise and diet adjustment. The best idea to defeat this chronic illness is with the help of simple lifestyle changes. Before discussing the treatment for diabetes it is good to have knowledge about the warning signs of diabetes.

The most commonly seen and earliest diabetic symptom is extreme thirst. These extreme thirsty feelings are different from normal feelings of being thirsty. The thirsty feelings of diabetic may better be described as a person in desert who has not had even a single drop of water several days. The diabetics are ready to die to drink any liquid that is in front of them. It is difficult to treat this sign of diabetes without the diagnosis of this chronic ailment.

Unquenchable thirst compels the diabetics to drink plenty of liquid. The result cannot be avoided; the diabetics have to go to the restroom again and again. Unquenchable thirst and recurrent urination both go hand in hand. The excessive glucose that is found in blood compels the diabetics to urinate frequently. It becomes vicious circle that is difficult to break.

Diabetics generally start to lose weight without working for it. This diabetic sign is more evident in case of type 1 diabetes. It is not common for the diabetics to lose around 20 to 30 pounds weight within first few weeks. This weight loss is brought about without any strenuous exercise or dieting.

Another trademark of diabetes is feeling tired and completely exhausted. In this modern fast paced society everyone gets tired, however this tiredness is the exaggerated version of routine fatigue. The cells of the body are unable to convert sugar and carbohydrates into energy; so the cells feel completely tired and exhausted.

If at any stage of life there is a sudden change in the blurriness of vision then it is important to have it checked. The sudden blurriness in vision can be the warning sign of diabetes. This blurriness normally is temporary as it comes and goes.

Another sign of diabetes is that wounds and infections take a longer healing time. If at any stage of life the cuts and wounds are taking longer time to heal then it becomes essential to have it checked. If ever a person observe that his cut or wound is taking a longer healing time then it becomes important that the person should go for a diabetes screening test. One must never misdiagnose that his cut was deeper enough so it took a longer time to heal.

Once the person is diagnosed with diabetes then the point comes of treating it. It is important to understand that diabetes is not the end of life for a person. There are several options of treatment. The repeated practice can put the diabetics on the path of reversing the disease.


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