Basic and Important Diabetes Info

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Diabetes is a medical condition where the glucose or sugar level is above normal. Diabetic patients have the problem of converting food to energy. Normally an individual develops diabetes when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin or the cells in the liver and muscles do not use up insulin in a proper manner. The glucose level in the blood gradually increases and at the same time the cells starve for energy. Here are a few guidelines and diabetic info that can help patients gain an insight into this condition.

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o Diabetes

This is one of the most important diabetes info and knowledge that every patient must be equipped with. There are two types of diabetes that affect people namely Type 1 and Type 2.

o Juvenile diabetic syndrome is the other name for Type 1 diabetes. It normally affects children, teenagers and young adults. When the immune system of the body gets affected, it destroys the pancreas cells. Pancreas then stops secreting insulin. When insulin stops being produced in the body, there is an increase in the blood sugar level.
o Adult onset diabetic problems also called Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of this condition. This type of diabetes affects people of any age group. When the insulin is not properly used by the liver, muscles and fat cells, it results in a need for more insulin by the body to enable the glucose to enter the cells. Initially the pancreas cells may secrete more insulin but gradually loses its ability to produce insulin.
o Gestational diabetic issues normally affects pregnant women. In a gestating woman, the need for insulin is more. This type of diabetes mostly affects during the later stages of pregnancy and generally disappears with the birth of the baby.

To avoid diabetes in life you must be aware of certain diabetic info, such as causes and symptoms. The main cause for Type 1 diabetes is the affected immune system. Once the immune system is affected, the pancreas cell that secretes insulin is also affected. In certain cases environmental factors play a major role in the advent of Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes affects more number of men than women. Type 2 diabetes is genetically linked. In most cases Type 2 diabetes is inherited and several genes have been identified that causes this type of diabetes.

Symptoms: The most common symptoms for diabetic issues include fatigue, unexplained weight loss, excessive eating, excessive thirst, excessive urination, blurry vision and poor wound healing. It is necessary to gather diabetes info regarding symptoms, as it will be very useful in identifying the extent of the condition.
Diabetes treatment: There are different types of treatment available for keeping diabetes under control. Change in lifestyle, controlled diet, routine exercise and self-monitored blood glucose levels are some methods used to treat diabetes at home. Diabetes info shows that there are certain medical treatments available to control the blood sugar levels. Medication may differ from individuals depending on their blood sugar level and their type of diabetes.

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